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Give the gift that keeps on giving

Set them up for life with the right first step.  Every graduate wants to invest their savings, but they often don't know how to start.

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Graduation Gift

Our packages are designed to make it easy to start, learn by doing while making it fun, for all ages.

For the Graduate

A portfolio starter kit with learnings for the graduate.


For the Family

Additional tips & insights for the parents to set up surrounding portfolios for the whole family (529s, IRAs, and more ... ).


Live Instruction

The full pacakge + up to 3 hours of live coaching and instruction on setting up a portfolio


You can include an additional cash gift within each of these packages.
For example, you might purchase the Family package and give an additional $100 to help start their investments account.  

For when you want to ... 

Give a gift that matters

A money gift will be spent todayteaching how to invest money will last a lifetime.

Set them up for life

Financial wisdom starts early, put them on the right path.

Know you've made a difference

Many grads hope for this, but never learn how to set up a portfolio.

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How it works

We'll send them a portfolio starter kit, with step by step instruction & education


Step 01

They'll receive a welcome email with a link to the starter guide.


Step 02

The grad / parent will be guided to set up an investment account of their choice.


Step 03

The grad will pick their starter portfolio and learn how and why to invest.

Unsure?  Ask us on the live chat.

Your gift starts here

Where to begin ... 

Send this gift with ease and peace of mind knowing you've given something meaningful that will last a lifetime.

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