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Give the gift of knowledge to help them invest & learn


Starting early makes all the difference

Starting early and investing consistently makes all the difference when investing for a child's or your own future.  We make it easy to get started so you don't push it off, and teach you how to keep it going.

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Money will be spent, teaching how to invest will last a lifetime

We'll make sure they understand IRAs/401Ks, Roth, 529, Custodial accounts (UTMA/UGMA) and all the tricks for tax-advantaged growth, like "backdoor Roth" and superfunding a 529 for multi-generational wealth.  While also explaining about stocks, ETFs, portfolio diversification and make it all easy so they don't need to be afraid of investment decisions - don't work for money, make money work for you.

A step by step guide

A step by step guide to get started with confidence and ease.

Selecting the right account(s)

An open ecosystem guiding to choose Fidelity, E*Trade or any finanancial institution of their choice.

Designing a portfolio
No procrastination

Example portfolios with education and ease, anchored on ETFs with a sprinkle of fun, guiding to choose any stocks you love.

Starting to invest can be overwhelming.  We make it easy so you can get live. 

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For the Parents - screenshot.png
Table of Contents - screenshot.png


  • Written for kids

  • Gets them motivated

  • Teaches lifelong lessons

  • Gets them invested fast


  • Guidance on the right account type

  • Explanation of Custodial Minors Account (UTMA), Roth IRA, 529 

  • Knowledge to partner with your child


  • No Procrastination

  • Ease to get started investing

  • Lessons for life - Financial literacy for the child & parents


  • Companion Spreadsheet

  • Portfolio planning, live stock quotes, compound growth and more

Sample Gift Email.png

An email will be sent as the first step

When you buy this gift, we'll send an email with the welcome package to get them started.  The email will be sent to you so that you can pick the time you'd like to forward it.

You can send an additional amount as part of the gift

If you'd like to give a cash gift as part of the Planting Fortunes package to get them started, that is encouraged.  The amount will be shown in the email, and you'll use Venmo or give a check in person at the event.  We don't want to be in the middle and charge a fee for transferring money.  

  • Where does the money go? Is it a Planting Fortunes account or an account with Fidelity, E*Trade etc?
    Great question. They open their own account at the financial institution of their choice. They can use Fidelity, E*Trade or any other financial institution that offers the right type of account. We believe the money should be held in whatever account they like. Our goal is to educate and get them started, with the right type of account(s) and example portfolios, and lots of surrounding education (made easy)
  • Can't I / they do this themselves, what is Planting Fortunes providing?
    Anyone can Google "investing for kids" and similar searches to find lots and lots of wonderful information about IRAs, 529s, custodial accounts, compound growth, ETFs and more. There's so much amazing information, that it can be overwhelming. With Planting Fortunes we make it easy. We save you (and them) time with exactly what you need to know at each of life's milestones, and help you get started. The most important step is to "do something" vs "do nothing" - and that can have $100,000's impact over time. We take the research, guesswork and procrastination out of the equation.
  • What makes Planting Fortunes a great gift?
    Giving money as a gift is easy and it can be the best gift of all because it can buy them whatever they want. However, at life's key moments, when multiple people give the gift of money, what do they do with it? Too often it gets spent right away, sits in the parent's account (in the case of a child), goes into savings and so on. Investing the money, and doing it in the right accounts that are tax-advantaged, at each stage of life, is something everyone should and can do. But it's not easy to get started. Planting Fortunes makes it easy. With clear steps and education throughout, they get started instead of procrastinating and learn along the way. Knowledge is power and financial literacy can make all the difference so that they're not just "working for money" but also "making money work for them".
  • What exactly is included in the Planting Fortunes gift?
    When you purchase a Planting Fortunes gift package, an email is sent with a get started link. It's that simple. The Get Started link guides them with easy steps with two goals in mind: (1) get a portfolio live and invested and (2) learn along the way, with knowledge to last a lifetime on all the tax advantaged accounts they can use and how to navigate them over time. They receive: (1) A guide with instructions, easy steps and lots of education (2) A companion spreadsheet If you'd like to give an additional cash gift, that is encouraged. The gift email will indicate that amount, and you'll coordinate to get the money to them on your own. We don't want to be an unnecessary middleman, and don't want to charge fees for transferring money. Most people use Venmo, or give a check in person at the event, often along with a congratulations card indicating the Planting Fortunes gift is by email.
  • This sounds wonderful, but is it a lot of work for the recipient?
    Not at all. We've organized the steps & education into easy bite sized modules. Getting started takes 10 minutes to go live with your first portfolio: - 5 minutes of reading - 5 minutes to set up an account of their choice (eg with Fidelity, E*Trade, ... ) - 2 minutes to invest in the first portfolio (investing "in the market"). After that we offer more learning modules and tips - for the kids and the parents. - Learning about IRAs, 401Ks, Roth, 529s, Custodial UTMA/UGMA and regular investment accounts. - Learning about portfolio diversification and selection of ETFs and stocks - We offer an open ecosystem where you are fully in control, we are providing guides and making it easy to "not procrastinate", to get started, and navigate your financial life with confidence.
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